Siumu By-Election Update: Voters Slow to the Booths

L-R: Faleata Seinafolava, Masani Faamasani, Shirley Poulava, Matapelu Atofaumalo

With 3 hours to go until the close of the polling booths for the Siumu by-election just over 800 votes have been casted, representing approximately 35% of the total electoral roll for the constituency.

Votes as at 12pm shown on live feed of OEC website.

According to the Office of the Electoral Commission, the total voters role for Siumu is 2,259 after a major cleanout of those who have passed away and those who have moved overseas.

SGN visited 2 of the 4 polling booths in Siumu and found that there were no queues, with voters trickling in one by one to cast their votes.

Ganasavea Manuia Tafeaga of SGN reporting from Siumu EFKS, Fri 15 Sept 2023.

Shirley Poulava came with her three brothers came to cast their votes, and said they await the results with much anticipation.

There are three candidates running for the seat of Siumu including veteran politiician Hon Tuuu Anasii Leota, economist Tuuu Amaramo Sialaoa and police officer Faalogo Lafaele Kapeli.

Hon Tuuu Anasii had won the 2021 general election under the flag of HRPP, and today competes under the FAST banner. Tuuu Amaramo is the HRPP candidate, while Faalogo Lafaele runs as an Independent.

The polling booths will close 3pm.