Situational Report from N.E.O.C



(GOVT. PRESS SECRETARIAT)-As of this morning, 28th January 2022, the number of positive cases for Samoa still remains at 27.  All 27 are in the secured and controlled isolation Units and currently there is still no evidence of a community transmission.

The public is once again advised that Samoa remains at Alert Level 3 and all restrictions are to be carefully observed and complied with. This includes the wearing of masks, practicing of 2meters social distancing, washing hands regularly and carrying around your vaccination card at all times.

The public is liable for penalty under the State of Emergency Orders and relevant laws of Samoa.

For more information contact the National Emergency Operation Center (NEOC) on 32759 or the COVID-19 Helpline on 8006440, and 911 for Emergencies.

We kindly ask the public’s continuing support for the safety of Samoa.

Updated information on the Lockdown will be disseminated as soon as it’s finalised.