Lead me with Your Infinite Wisdom, Oh Father God

God bless our beautiful Samoa. Faamolemole, aua le lafoina lapisi i tafatafa o tatou aualatele faapea matafaga. 📷 SGN.

As we saw yesterday, acknowledging God in all your ways is not just about acknowledging Him in prayer, it’s about KNOWING GOD and HIS WAYS so that you’ll know what paths He wants you to take.

There is a way that SEEMS right to people but at the end of the day, we want to know with absolute certainty what God wants us to do and accomplish.

God always knows what’s best for you. Your best ideas are nothing compared to what God wants you to do, and His plans are always worth waiting for. Even if you have to wait “ALL DAY LONG” for His guidance – His direction and paths are your best hope.

Don’t rush into making decisions that SEEM right, when you know in your heart that God isn’t in them. If everyone around you is screaming for answers, put your hope in God.

When you WAIT on the Lord, you are acknowledging your reliance and dependence on Him. When you make decisions without Him, you are counting on yourself.

As your “SAVIOUR,” God can preserve you, protect you, and lead you with His infinite wisdom. Follow Him wholeheartedly, and you will walk triumphantly through life’s challenges. Have an awesome weekend.

God bless and lots’a love, Warren

God bless our beautiful Samoa. 📷 Taielua, SGN.