Show God’s goodness, even when that goodness isn’t being demonstrated to you


Happy Wednesday Saints.

Having been ACCEPTED by God in the Beloved we can take comfort in the fact that our acceptance isn’t based on our own performance. Saints, you’ve been accepted regardless of your past.

There is nothing in your past that the precious blood of Christ can’t remove. Jesus said in Matthew 26:28 that His blood “IS SHED FOR MANY FOR THE REMISSION OF SINS.”

The Greek word for ‘remission’ means complete forgiveness; the total removing and blotting out of sins. IN CHRIST, you no longer have to be conscious of your past and you don’t have to condemn yourself because of the things you’ve done.

If you ever struggle with feelings of rejection, or if you ever feel unloved, unwanted, despised or even hated by others, try to remember that you are ACCEPTED by God. And let His acceptance fill any void in your heart and let His acceptance give you comfort and peace. 1Peter 2:9 says that “YOU ARE GOD’S VERY OWN POSSESSION. AS A RESULT, YOU CAN SHOW OTHERS THE GOODNESS OF GOD, FOR HE CALLED YOU OUT OF THE DARKNESS INTO HIS WONDERFUL LIGHT.”

Your acceptance and security in Christ free you to show others God’s goodness, even when that goodness isn’t being demonstrated to you.

Saints, you are God’s very own possession. Enjoy the security you have with Him, and now that you are in His wonderful light, love those who are still stuck in darkness. Have an absolutely fabulous day.

God bless and lots’a love, Warren

Pastor Warren Retzlaff