Shop Owner with “Kind Eyes” Returns Businesswoman’s Wallet containing $5k Tala

"He said it is my job, pls come and support my shop and buy from me but I will not accept the money.."


Businesswoman and co-founder of Bella’s Kitchen, Isabel Chadwick-Maiava, will forever be grateful to the owner of Susie’s shop at Vaimea.

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Mrs Maiava had stopped by Susie’s shop at the end of a long day’s work and as she walked out of the store, she forgot her wallet containing around $5k (five thousand tala) on the counter.

“I misplaced my wallet which had the business money worth $5k, while I was making a purchase at the Chinese Shop across the road from Vaimea Primary School..

“I left my wallet on the counter while I carried my shopping to the car, I completely forgot about it until I went to go to the shop again to make another purchase..”

Isabel says she reached for her wallet and discovered it was nowhere to be found, so she rushed back to the shop at Vaimea.

As she walked in, the shop keeper, a Chinese man named Koa, took one look at her and knew why she was back.

“He took me to the table where he had left my wallet under the camera. He said to me I left it under the camera so no one can touch it. I never opened it..”

:My heart was crying, out of gratitude,” Isabel shares.

The grateful owners of Bella’s Kitchen, Isabel and Mikaele.

The businesswoman tried to give Mr Koa $100 tala “as a small token of being so honest” but the shop owner refused.

“He said it is my job.”

“Please come and support my shop and buy from me but I will not accept the money,” said Mr Koa.

“What could have turned out to be a very bad night, turned out to be an eye opener,” said Isabel. “God truly is amazing, he is always watching us”.

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Mrs Isabel Chadwick-Maiava calls on everyone to support Mr Koa and his wife Susie’s shop.

“It is almost across the road from Vaimea Primary School..”

“He was so wonderful and had the most kindest eyes. Thank you so much sir for being truthful and being honest. God sees you and he will reward you in so many ways never imagined before. God Bless you always.”

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