Seven Babies Delivered in the Early Hours of Christmas

All seven Moms and babies are healthy and recovering well," said Ms Tuulua.


Apia Samoa, Tupua Tamasese Meaole National Hospital, 25 December 2023, Christmas Day! The team on night shift at Motootua National Hospital’s Labor and Delivery Ward last night were kept busy with seven babies born between midnight and 7:05am this morning.

The 4 MVPs on Duty: Senior Nurse/Midwife Tiare Tuulua and her team: RM Siaulaina, RM Lagi and RM Bella.

The 4 MVPs on Duty were Senior Registered Nurse/Midwife Tiara Tuulua and her team at Motootua National Hospital’s Labor and Deliery Ward: RM Siaulaina, RM Lagi and RM Bella.

Senior Registered Nurse also Samoa’s longest serving Senior Registered Midwife, Ms Tiara Tuulua says all births went well with no complications.

“All seven Moms and babies are healthy and recovering well,” said Ms Tuulua.

Still smiling and looking fabulous at 8.30am this morning, Tiara says it was quite a night with six babies delivered at the hospital and one delivered by a nurse at their home.

Still smiling and looking fab at 8.30am in the morning after a night shift of 7 babies!

“Our first Christmas Baby boy was delivered at 12.28am followed by another boy at 2:37am.

However before 2.37 am was a baby girl, delivered at 2.31am by her aunty who is a nurse, at their home.

“She called and I talked her through it,” said Tiara. “Baby and Mom are both well. The nurse used to be an ED nurse and then went to New Zealand. When she called I was able to talk her through the birth quite easily,” said SRM Tuulua.

At 5.10am the team at TTM delivered a girl and at 5.45am another baby girl came along.

Two more baby girls would be born five minutes apart before Tiara’s shift was done.

“We had another baby girl at 0700 and  0705 hours,” said Tiara.

Ms Tiara Tuulua has been serving Samoa as a nurse for over 15 years.

“I love my work,” says Tiare. I do it for Samoa.”