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Second Chance for Man Convicted with Theft as a Servant

Second Chance for Man Convicted with Theft as a Servant

18 February 2019, Apia Samoa. A 27 year old male has been given a second chance by Justice Tafaoimalo Leilani Tuala-Warren when she sentenced him to 12 months under supervision on two charges of theft as a servant.

She warned the defendant against re-offending whilst on supervision.

“This is your first time in Court, so make it the last time I see you here,” she told the defendant.

“If I see you here again you’re going to Tafaigata.”

Tavalagi Malele Liu Setu was employed by Quick Sale Store at Moamoa where he was responsible for goods in the shop’s main freezer storage.

The first incident took place between the 1st of August and the 31st of August where the defendant stole two cartons of turkey tails valued at $170 tala.

The second incident occurred between the 1st of September and 30th of September where the defendant removed a box of Busch Ice Beer valued at $93 without authorization from the company.

When given a chance to speak in Court, Tavalagi did not apologise as other defendants tend to do, but instead told the Court that he didn’t know why the owner of the company had taken the matter to the Police when they told him that they had forgiven him.

“I apologised to them and they terminated my service, and the couple told me that they had forgiven me, so I was shocked when the police contacted me about the matter.”

Justice Tafaoimalo then reminded the defendant that despite what they had talked about with his former employers, at the end of the day he had committed a criminal offense.

Probation officers confirmed that there had been no reconciliation with the shop owners, nor had the defendant made any attempts to pay for the stolen goods.


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