Schools Should Teach Sex Education


#Opinion By Nah Folasa
President. Logo Puialii Samoa Youth Society

Sex education should be increased in schools.

Nearly one million women under the age of 20 get pregnant each year. That means 2800 women under 20 get pregnant each day. If students are educated about the effects sex has on their lives, it lessens the chances of having children at an early age. Knowledge about sex can also lessen the chance of kids receiving STDS (sexually transmitted diseases).

Samoa has compulsory STD testing for all pregnant women.

And also, this is how you’ll lower abortions. Seriously! I’m not kidding!

Combine comprehensive, honest, and factual safe-sex education with easy (or even free!) access to birth control and yes, abortion, and I’d be willing to bet everything I have that the rate of abortions will drop a stone within only a few generations at MOST.

There is nothing wrong with sex, and abstinence-only education is a complete failure, anyways.
Yes, as a modern society we have a responsibility to our youth to provide it. We have a responsibility to educate our youth in all areas of the human anatomy, health, and hygiene including sexual reproduction and anatomy, birth control, and safe sex.

It is not a school’s job to teach morality or mold a student’s judgement regarding ANY of these topics. It is there job to educate. The parents job is to teach their child morality and pass along whatever they wish their beliefs to be.

The option needs to be there, sex education is essential. Not all students will be ready for it by the time it’s presented to them, but without it many will go through high school never getting a serious talk about the subject.

Students need to have this information made available to them and many parents are unwilling or unable to do so. Sex education needs to be there as a backup.

Samoa children need to be informed about sex. If they are not informed in a classroom environment, they will learn from other sources, such as television and pornography. These forms do not teach the reality of sex, that there are consequences that come from using it improperly. A class room, however, can make children informed and perhaps dissuade them from starting at too early of an age.

Sexual Education is absolutely necessary in schools. Too many parents are either uncomfortable having the discussions themselves, or leave it at ‘Just don’t have sex!’ Children need to know the consequences of sex, and how to protect themselves. It’s naive to think all these conversations are happening in the home, therefore, the schools must fill the void to protect the students.

Some parents say the solution is abstinence.

It’s important to learn about the health risks. It’s very important to be taught the importance of safe sex, and the risks of doing otherwise. The amount of people who are uneducated because we prevent Sex Ed is frightening. People say this encourages teens to have sex. Teens are going to have sex with or without it. This way they know how to safely do so.

Learning about it can prevent more pregnancy and STDs. Keeping people from learning such an important part of their lives only hurts them.