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Scholarship Grants for Children of First Respondents

Scholarship Grants for Children of First Respondents

Over 30 students will benefit from a uniquely designed scholarship that aims to support the children of those who risk their lives to reapond to traumatic events such natural disasters and accidents.

Faalogo Vuki and her husband Tupuola Vuki of St George Utah, USA have sought support from families, friends, business partners and the community in St George to collect US$10,000 dollars in scholarship funds and school materials for Samoan “first responders children” that are students. This means the children of the men and women of FESA and Samoa Police who are first at the scene of horrific accidents or traumatic events.

Tagged as the SEFP2019 initiative, Faalogo and Tupuola aim to assist in the education of the children of the Samoa Fire and Emergency Services Authority “FESA” and those of the Samoa Police.

Mrs Vuki said that the St George Utah, USA 911 Call Center helped save her husband Tupuola’s life when we needed urgent help and the reason we are doing our part to keep the importance of 911 Call Center services it in the forefront of the minds of the leaders in Samoa and the people of Samoa how vital it is.”

A container of educational material for the recipients and “NECC911” National Emergency Call Centre 911 is also heading to Samoa from Utah, USA.

The grant is a pilot program designed to lighten the burden on first responders FESA and Samoa Police staff by offering support for their children’s education.

A year later, and the Vukis are back in Samoa and this time, with USD$10,000 as an education fund.

Faalogo and Tupuola say that this latest project has been made possible because of the great success of the first fundraiser in terms of bringing the  911 Call Center.

“National Emergency Call Centre 911: NECC911” that went was made possible by donors that are families and friends here in the USA: Utah, California, New Jersey, Florida, this gave birth to this initiative (SEFP2019) Scholarship/Grant program”.



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