Scholarship grants worth over $80,000 tala announced for SFESA and Police

SFESA staff members with their kind friends from St. George Utah, Jack and Lexie Rolfe with the grand-daughter Hailey and Co-Founder of the Scholarship Awards Faalogo Situtuila Sissy Vuki.

10 August 2019 Apia Samoa. Scholarship cash grants, pack bags and school stationaries worth ST$80,000 tala will be granted to the successful 15 students who applied for assistance.under Sione Heleti Vuki Legacy Scholarships & Awards 2019.

The assistance is the 2nd round of the initiative designed exclusively for first respondents of the Samoa Fire and Emergency Authority (SFESA) and the Ministry of Police and their children.

For the 2020 school year, a parent is also getting recognition for his active role in meeting the criteria and requirements needed but also helping other applicants.

He is Ronnie Wong Soon, a nine year veteran with SFESA.

For his active role, Ronnie will receiv a cash grant to assist with school expenses for his 4 year old son.

“It’s not every day that Good Samaritans are at your doorstep offering help,” says the 29-year old.

“And whatever help we as parents can secure for our children’s education is greatly appreciated.

“It’s a blessing for SFESA to have a caring friend and kind Samaritans like Sissy and her husband,” he added.

Brainchild by Samoan born Faalogo Situtuila Sissy Vuki and husband Tupuola Sione Vuki based in St. George Utah USA, the assistance will benefit parents and students attending primary, college and university.

The 15 students will receive their awards after satisfying the grants requirements..m

  • 7 Primary Schools Students SAT$600 tala each
  • 6 College Students SAT$600 tala each
  • 2 University Students SAT$1,000 each.

On top of the grants, there will be a US$1,000 dollars special cash award to the Recipient for the 2nd Annual Sione Heleti Vuki Legacy Award not including the “Support a Student Award” to be named on Banquet Night.

Ronnie Wong Soon with Faalogo Situtuila Sissy Vuki

60 back-packs and School supplies valued at SAT$7,000 tala will be distributed to the lucky winners along with 3 lap-tops in Special Prizes.

“We are thankful for everyone’s help to assist in making a difference in a child’s life,” says Faalogo. “With an education a child will have an opportunity for hope to have a bright future and be our wise and God fearing leaders for the future;
“We wish each of the first responders and their children who have applied for monetary scholarships best wishes.”

The assistance is part of the on-going community project initiated by the Vuki’s to improve the 911 National Call Centre.

To date, the St; George couple have injected well over SAT$200,000 tala from their own pockets and through donations from friends, relatives and business associates in USA, Australia and New Zealand.