Samoa Triathlon Federation Hold Special General Meeting


It is a new dawn for the Samoa Triathlon Federation as members, athletes, parents and supporters came together to elect a new Executive Board at a Special General Meeting held last Thursday 15 June 2023.

The SGM was initiated by a Letter of Requisition calling for a vote of no confidence on the federation’s long serving President, Afoa Seti Afoa and Secretary Mike Webster.

From amongst those present, Mr Arthur Mulitalo was elected to lead the national federation as President, with Wolly Collins as Vice President.

Samoa’s longserving triathlete and marathon runner, Darren Young was elected Secretary while Susie Poort will take up the crucial role of Treasurer.

The Executive Officers will be assisted by two Executive Board Members – John Alailima and Tafaifaosalamasina Jennifer Brooks.

According to the press statement, 46 members voted in favor of removing Mr Afoa and Mr Webster from their positions, and 1 vote for them to be retained.

The SGM was overlooked by the Samoa Association of Sports and National Olympic Committee. Three members of the SASNOC Executive Board attended the Special General Meeting as official observers – Tuaopepe Jerry Wallwork, Leasi Ioane Galuvao and Tuiletufuga Fritz Tuiavii.

“Mr Afoa spoke at length in answer to the Letter of Requisition submitted by the members calling for the vote of No-Confidence in him and Mr Webster. His objections to the procedure, and appeals to the members were noted. Several of the members present, including parents of the athletes, also shared their views.”

The assembly also voted in favor of longtime Samoa Triathlon Federation member, Bernie Poort as Head Coach, and renowned author Lani Young as Team Manager.

Please Keep Beautiful Samoa Clean.

Mr Poort expressed appreciation on behalf of all, to Mr Afoa and Mr Webster for their many years of service to triathlon in Samoa.

“It is a new day for Samoa Triathlon Federation and we look forward to the leadership of our new executive Board.”

Samoa Triathlon Federation held its first event on Saturday under new Executive Board made up of triathletes, parents, and coaches.

Images: Triathlon Samoa page.

Their active social media page, Triathlon Samoa showcased the event with its attention to detail preparations and all hands on deck approach by the elected board and volunteer parents.

“All of our Board are people who actually organise the events, train the kids, volunteer to set up, donate the ice/niu/fruit refreshments, fix the bikes, and transport the equipment. Today was our first event under the new STF executive – and it felt good. 😍 Malo lava team!”

Governance Issues 

On another page – Samoa Triathlon Federation, Afoa Seti Afoa has however, issued a public notice stating the STF Executive Board has not changed and asserts the organisation that he leads is the official national federation recognised by SASNOC.

Notice of Non-Affiliation and Disavowal of Triathlon Samoa
Public Message from the Board

Fa’aaliga Tāua mai le Laulau- ā-Fono

Tulouna ia paia o sui uma a le Samoa Triathlon Federation.

A’o se fa’aaliga e faasino i le Triathlon Samoa ma ona sui. Mo le silafia, e aunoa ma se so’otaga a le Samoa Triathlon Federation ma le Triathlon Samoa. E le amania fo’i e le asosi ‘autū, le Samoa Triathlon Federation le Triathlon Samoa ma fonotaga ua vala’auina e le Triathlon Samoa mo le vaiaso nei. E le’o ni fonotaga ia a le asosi. O a fo’i fa’aiuga ma i’ugā-fono a ia fonotaga o le’a le amanaiaina e le Laulau- ā-fono a le Samoa Triathlon Federation, le asosi atoa ma ona sui.

Ua talosagaina fo’i e le Samoa Triathlon Federation le Triathlon Samoa e taofia loa le fa’aaogāina o le igoa lea “Triathlon Samoa” ‘auā e leai ma se ese’esega ma le igoa o le asosi ‘autū.

E talosagaina fo’i sui uma o le Samoa Triathlon Federation e ‘aua ona ‘auai i fonotaga a le Triathlon Samoa, se’i vaganā ai ua logoina atu lo outou pa’ia ma lo outou mamalu e le asosi ‘autū, le Samoa Triathlon Federation ma lana Laulau- ā-Fono.

O le manatu ‘autū, ia toe tasi le tatou asosi i lalo o le fa’amalu ma le pulega e tasi a le Samoa Triathlon Federation e pei ona faatulafonoina i ana ‘Upu Fa’avae.

Ma le fa’aaloalo tele lava

Dear Members,

We write to formally inform you that the Samoa Triathlon Federation categorically asserts its complete lack of affiliation or connection with Triathlon Samoa. The activities and stances adopted by Triathlon Samoa directly contradict the governance structure and principles of the Samoa Triathlon Federation.

Consequently, any meeting organised or convened by Triathlon Samoa, including the Special General Meeting currently scheduled, shall not be recognised as an official assembly of the Samoa Triathlon Federation. Furthermore, any decisions or outcomes stemming from such meetings shall hold no attribution to, nor bind, the federation.

The Federation has expressly demanded that Triathlon Samoa desist from utilizing the name “Triathlon Samoa” and urges all athletes to reunite under the auspices of a single federation, thus facilitating the continued advancement of our sport in Samoa.

In the best interest of our members, we emphatically advise against attending any gathering organised or called by Triathlon Samoa. The Samoa Triathlon Federation disclaims any responsibility or liability for any actions or consequences arising from participation in or reliance upon such meetings.

Please be assured that the Samoa Triathlon Federation remains unwavering in its commitment to upholding the integrity, values, and objectives espoused by our membership and governing bodies. We deeply appreciate your unwavering support and understanding regarding this matter.

For any inquiries or further clarifications, please do not hesitate to contact the General Secretary at 7771392 or the President at 7603454.

Yours faithfully,

Afoa Seti Afoa (President)
On behalf of the Board
Samoa Triathlon Federation
Unit 16, Lotemau Centre, Apia