Santa and Mrs Claus Visit Children at Campus of Hope


The children at the Samoa Victim Support Group (SVSG) Campus of Hope were treated to a special visitor over the weekend.

Santa and Mrs Claus visited with balloons of different shapes and colours, reading materials, toys and sweets, as well as stationery for the children who all had such a good time snuggling up to the long-bearded man in the red suit.

SVSG President Siliniu Lina Chang said many of the children have never had the chance to see Santa Claus before and the visit will be spoken of by the children in the weeks to come..

“You have welcomed the Christmas Spirit into the Campus of Hope and given many of these children an experience that I’m sure they will never forget.”

“It is always a blessed feeling to witness God’s love for us through the Good Samaritans that visit us here at the Campus of Hope.

Santa and Mrs Claus visit the Campus of Hope

“The beautiful Christmas gesture by our missionaries turned Santa & Mrs Claus, is humbling, and we are very greatful,” said Siliniu Lina Chang. 

The children of hope reciprocated the kind gesture by entertaining Santa & Mrs Clause with their favorite songs and dancing items.

“It was a day of fun and laughter,” said Siliniu. 

“Thank you Jim & Mindy Wiese for going the extra mile to show the children of hope that you care.  We appreciate you and we pray good health so that you’ll continue with your missionary work in Samoa,” said Siliniu Lina Chang in a press release.