Samsung S9 Phone for Woman with 3k Likes

Natalie Lameko with Su'a June Ryan of Island Rock
Natalie Lameko with Su'a June Ryan of Island Rock

18 January 2019, Apia Samoa. A mother of six from Tanugamanono took home a brand new Samsung S9 worth $3,299 tala having won the  Island Rock Company Facebook Competition Campaign.

Natalie Lameko won the facebook competition after changing her profile picture to the company’s campaign logo. She then managed to get 3,000 likes to secure the grand prize of an S9 Samsung Smartphone.

Ms. Lameko said she joined the competition with the hope that she would win because she really wanted the prize.

She added that she has never owned a Samsung.

“I had all the other brands of mobile phones except for a Samsung,” she said.

“So when I saw the competition that was initiated by Island Rock I instantly joined because I wanted the phone.

“I knew there will be a lot of people who will join in the competition but I was actually confident that I would win.”

The mother of six said she asked her friends and family members to like her profile picture so she could win the competition.

“There are groups on Facebook that I am also a member and so I had asked my friends on those different groups to make sure they like my profile picture.”

Ms. Lameko said what she didn’t expect  to reach up to three thousand likes.

“I was surprised when I saw the number of people who liked my Facebook profile picture,” she said.

“When the company messaged me, I was so happy and I couldn’t wait to hold it. As you can see I have an Iphone 4, but now I will update it.

“I will give my Iphone to my husband to use because I have a much better phone now.”

Over 500 people participated in the competition.