Samoa’s Vaccination Rollout Continues to General Population


Samoa’s Covid-19 vaccination rollout moves from frontliners to members of the general public this week, and shall continue until the target of 133,000 eligible Samoans are fully vaccinated.

“So far 1,979 doses have been delivered to frontliners: 1,319 men and 660 women have been vaccinated as of yesterday,” confirmed Health Director Leausa Dr Take Naseri.

Samoa’s vaccination porgramme officially launched last Sunday 18 April 2021 with caretaker Prime Minister Tuilaepa Dr Sailele Malielegaoi and Health Minister Faimalotoa Kika Stowers amongst the first to receive their initial doses. 

Frontliners working at the border were up next including those who work for EPC, SWA, Security firms and others.

Leausa said vaccinations for Savaii began on Thursday and so far 113 have delivered to frontliners on the Big Island.

From Monday 26th April, Samoa’s vaccination rollout to the general public will start with the densley populated Apia urban area. Two stations within the Motootua National Hospital compound and the Family Health and Diabetes centre at Matagialalua will be set up on Monday, and the STA Fale may be set up on Tuesday according to Leausa.

The Ministry will be going out to villages starting in the Apia urban area from Laulii to Leauvaa, using the territorial constituency layout of the recent elections as a guide to ensure no village is missed out.

“We shall start going out to villages in the districts of Vaimauga 1 and Vaimauga 2.. but that does not stop citizens from coming in to the stations at Motootua and Matagialalua..,” said Dr Naseri.

“Teams will include two nurses who are qualified vaccinators, a records person, one security and a senior member of the public sector such as a CEO or ACEO,” added Leausa.

In relation to repatriated citizens Leausa said all those in isolation not yet vaccinated were covered last week, and in future, Samoa would be requiring all travellers to be fully vaccinated as part of its pre-departure conditions.

Leausa reiterated that usual vaccination programmes for children will not be affected in this period and parents should continue to follow Immunisation plans as scheduled.

Head of the NEOC Agafili Tomaimano Shem Leo assured the public there shall be enough vaccination doses for everyone.

“Our total number from the COVAC assistance is 79,000 however Samoa is currently in talks with development partners such as New Zealand and Australia, for the rest..

“Do not panic or feel you have to rush to get in on this first batch of 24,000 as there will be enough for everyone and don’t forget, not all of us are vaccinated, it is limited to those 18 years and older.”

The NEOC Chair added that all those vaccinated shall receive a printed certificate of confirmation as a record of their covid-19 vaccination status.

Sina Retzlaff