Samoa’s Highest Ranked Boxer Makes Public Plea for Sponsors

"I’d really like to have a good chance at these games which I’m certain would be my last major games for Samoa 🇼🇸.."


Samoa’s highest ranked boxer who has qualified for the summer Olympic games in Paris France has made a public call for sponsorship.

Sydney-based Tupuola Seua’i Ato Leau Plodzicki-Faoagali has been boxing for Samoa since his teenage years, winning gold at mulitple Pacific Games.

The 25 year old is a two time Commonwealth Games Silver Medalist for Samoa and has dedicated years of preparation, hard work and sacrifice to fly the Samoan flag for boxing.

One of those sacrifices was missing his mother’s final days on earth. Monica Plodzicki-Faoagali, passed away suddenly on Saturday 6th August 2022, aged 47. It was 3pm in Australia – so around 5am in the morning in England.

It was the morning of Ato’s semi-final fight against Niue’s Duken Tutakitoa-Williams at the Commonwealth Games. Ato’s father had made the tough decision not to tell his son. Ato would not find out that his mom had died, until 4 days later, when he had returned home to Australia after the games.

As Paris Olympics quickly ascends upon us, Ato has gone on his social media pages to make a public call for sponsorship.

“Talofa, I’m looking for sponsors to help me with my preparations for the Paris Olympics..

“The last Olympics and every past major tournaments I’ve been in, I couldn’t attend any international training camps, professional help in terms of diet/nutrition, recovery, strength and conditioning, and most certainly lead up tournaments due to financial constraints..

“However I’d really like to have a good chance at these games which I’m certain would be my last major games for Samoa 🇼🇸..”

“Let me know if you’re a business owner willing to help me with the above please and we’ll discuss what you’d want in return…”

Faafetai tele lava
Ato 👊🏽🇼🇸

Calling for sponsorship support is not something new for Tupuola. He has long shared with us the difficulties of self-funding his international representations and the sacrifices made by his family..

Ato Mom had been the backbone of Team ATO – Against The Odds.

Ato had said that his Faoagali and Plodzicki families have been there from Day 1 to help finance his tournaments and campaigns.

“There have been so many challenges with limited resources but my family on both sides have been there and always come through for me,” he said at the time.

“That’s why they’re calld Team A.T.O. (Against the Odds),” laughs Tupuola Seua’i.

He holds two chiefly titles from Samoa. Tupuola from his grandfather’s side in Sa’aga Siumu, and Seua’i from his grandmother’s village of Tuanai.

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