Samoa Welcomes the First Baby of the New Decade


A baby girl born at 12.30am at Tupua Tamasese Meaole Hospital weighing 3580 grams is Samoa’s first baby of the new decade.

Born to Angela and Faletoa Moli from Falefa, the little princess is her parent’s third daughter and possibly the first baby born this decade if Christmas Island does not record a baby before her time of birth.

Samoas first baby of 2020 pictured with her grandmother Lavenia Pouli.

Samoas New Year baby was delivered by RM Tiara Tuulua and she says there was a lot of excitement in the air amongst the on-duty nurses and midwives with several mothers in labour prior to midnight.

“It was exciting for us because we had more than one mother in labour before midnight, and a baby boy was born just 20 minutes after her,” said RN Tuulua who is also a Registered Midwife.

Nurse Tuulua who last week delivered Samoa’s first Christmas baby feels blessed to have also delivered the New Year’s baby especially since she is related to Angela.

Nurse Tuulua with proud Mom Angela Moli.

“Angela is my cousin so it was extra special for me to deliver her baby tonight;

“We are from the Mulitalo family in Saanapu,” she says.

“Angela has two older girls and our New Year baby is her third child,” said RN Tuulua.

First baby of 2020 with nurses RM Tiara Tuulua and RM Unaisi Sikivou;

It has been a busy night for the maternity ward with the on duty nurses and midwives delivering four babies in the first three hours.

“Our first baby was delivered at 0030 hours by RM Tiara Tuulua. Second baby was a boy delivered just 20 minutes later at 0050 hours by RM Unaisi Sikivou;

“Then we had a 3rd baby, a healthy baby girl delivered at 0205 hrs by RM Seuila Ale and I have just delivered our 4th baby for 2020, another little girl at 0251 hrs.” said Nurse Tuulua.

It is Tiara Tuulua’s third consecutive year to deliver Samoa’s New Year baby!

“I am so blessed to always be the one to deliver the special babies with assistance of our midwives on duty.”

Sina Retzlaff