Samoa’s Christmas Baby Boy Surrounded by Strong Women

"We came in at 11pm and baby was born at 12:28am..."


Apia Samoa, 25 December 2023 Christmas Day! Saisai Tanielu arrived at the Motootua National Hospital in Apia at around 11pm from Tufulele with a strong support group of women around her.

The 19-year-old was in good hands with her mother Nila Tanielu, her aunty Gauta Talalelei and her cousin Nive Talalelei all there to support her through the birth of her second child who arrived just after midnight.

Ms Tanielu’s Christmas gift, yet to be named, was born at 12:28am. Baby weighed 3.4kg and was delivered by the legendary Tiara Tuulua, Samoa’s long serving midwife.

Tiara Tuulua is a Senior Registered Nurse and Senior Registered Midwife.

“It was an easy birth with no complications,” said Senior Registered Nurse and Senior Registered Midwife Tiara Tuulua.

Tiara was assisted by RM (Registered Midwife) Bella Tagiilima, RM Siaulaina and RM Lagi during the night shift..

“She is our new graduate midwife.”

The Tanielu baby boy from Tufulele would be the first of seven babies delivered by  Tiara and her team between midnight and 7am this morning.

Saisai and Samoa’s Christmas Baby. Saisai’s Mom with her firstborn Tosolina Tanielu.

Saisai almost 2-year-old son “is a little but ulavale” she says with a smile.

“I couldn’t leave him at home, but he is “a little bit of a handful” hence the entourage that accompanied her to the birth of her second baby.

“I was in Year 12 when I fell pregnant with Tosolina,” the beautiful young solo Mom shares.

Aunty Gauta Talalelei, Mom Nila Tanielu holding Tosolina, Saisai and her Christmas baby boy and Nive Talalelei.

Saisai is still with the boys’ Dad but “he comes and  goes,” she says with a tad of sadness in her eyes.

“But I’m happy for God’s gifts to me that I now have two sons,” says Saisai.  “They are all that I need, and they will look after me.” says Saisai with a content smile.

“Faafetai i Le Alii mo ana meaalofa mo au. O le meaalofa sili lea o le Kerisimasi…”

“Lea ua maua si a’u fanau e tausia a’u.”

Ms Tanielu says her baby boy is yet to be named, but feels that her mama and aunty who had been with her would have a big say in baby’s name.

“I have a lot of strong women around me and I am grateful to God for my Mom and my Aunties and cousins who are always there for me and my sons”.

The young Mom says baby will be in good hands, brought up by her support system of strong women.

God Bless Ms Saisai Tanielu and her baby boys.