Samoa’s 2nd Imported Suspected Positive COVID-19 Case Update



Swab and blood specimens from the 70 year old man who tested COVID19 positive on Thursday night while under managed isolation, have been sent to New Zealand for further laboratory testing.

The elderly man had travelled  from Melbourne via Auckland to Samoa, accompanied by his wife on the same flight as the seafarer, on Friday 13th November 2020.

The elderly man and his wife have since been placed in Samoa’s special isolation unit at Motootua, while steps are taken to treat him as a positive case in line with Samoa’s Border Security regulations, until further confirmation is received from additional testing in New Zealand.

Meanwhile the two seafarers remain under Control Isolation at a Special Ward at the Moto’otua National Hospital, under 24 hour security by police eliminating any contact with the public except for frontline health staff.

The elderly man’s wife and the seafarer’s roommate have consistently tested negative since they arrived in Samoa.

As of Saturday morning, all four have not displayed signs of the virus (asymptomatic).

As a precaution, all of the 274 passengers on this last repatriation flight will remain in quarantine for an additional 7 days. Plans fo release them will depend on any new developments and test results.

Samoa has also activated its COVID19 Alert Response Level 1.

The public is assured that all frontline personnel from health, airport, airline, quarantine, hotel, security guards, drivers, etc. have all been tested negative.

Referred to as the 2nd Imported suspected positive COVID-19 Case; the Ministry of Health has issued this summary of what you need to know: 

    • 1 male, 70 years old, hypertensive, Samoan, transited through New Zealand from Melbourne Australia on 12 November 2020
    • Arrived in New Zealand on NZ824 on 12th November and depart New Zealand on 13th November 2020 for Samoa on flight NZ990.
    • Two tests conducted in Samoa – 1 negative and 1 positive as per below dates:
    • Test done in Australia on the 11th November at the 4Cyte Pathology Lab, Melbourne reported negative before departure on the 12th November 2020
    • tested negative on scheduled testing on18th November 2020, and
    • Tested positive on Thursday 26th November, 2020.
    • Repeated swabs from both nostrils taken early this morning (Friday 27th November 2020 reported negative.
    • He is currently in isolation with his wife who has consistently tested negative. 
    • Nasal swab and blood samples sent to NZ for reconfirmation and further evaluation.

Further information will be published as the NEOC, Ministry of Health and Government Press Secretariat issue further updates.