Samoans For Ceasefire March For Peace


We are marching to ensure that peace is restored, therefore we expect to conduct ourselves in the same peaceful manner we are there to promote.”

‘Samoans for Ceasefire’ invite members of the public to join them as they MARCH FOR PEACE tomorrow morning, in a show of solidarity with the victims of the Israel-Palestine conflict.

Samoans for Ceasefire is a group seeking to influence the Samoan Government to publicly endorse a permanent ceasefire in Gaza and the West Bank.

The MARCH FOR PEACE, starting from the Fire and Emergency Service Authority (F.E.S.A.) compound and ending at the Government Building, aims to raise awareness and draw attention to the humanitarian crisis in Palestine.

“The march is open to anyone who shares our goal of calling for a ceasefire and asking our government to use its voice and vote on the international stage to call for an end to hostilities.”

A petition will also be presented to the Government of Samoa, to take a public stand and call for a total and permanent ceasefire. The petition was first launched on 20 November, and has since been signed by more than 800 people.

This march and petition joins existing global efforts to call for a total and permanent ceasefire, and bring an end to the siege and blockade of civilians in Gaza and the West Bank.”

The government’s decision not to register a vote in the UNGA on October 26th was the catalyst for this group to form and take action.

The Peace & Security vote in the UNGA was for a resolution calling for an immediate, durable and sustained humanitarian truce between Israel and Hamas militants in Gaza. The resolution also demanded a continuous, sufficient and unhindered provision of lifesaving supplies and services for civilians.

“The silence from our government as to why they did not support a truce or humanitarian assistance for civilians, has remained to this day. Holding our elected officials accountable, and seeking transparency in their actions is the right of every citizen of Samoa.” – Samoans for Ceasefire

With the support of Samoa Police and Samoa Red Cross, marchers are asked to gather at the F.E.S.A. car park from 6 am, before making their way along Beach Road to the front of the FMFMII Government Building.

The MARCH FOR PEACE is a family-friendly event, and Samoa for Ceasefire reminds participants, “We are marching to ensure that peace is restored, therefore we expect to conduct ourselves in the same peaceful manner we are there to promote.”

March details below:

Who can march?

Everyone who supports a ceasefire in order to save innocent civilian lives, regardless of religious, political or other affiliations.

The march is family-friendly so please feel free to bring your family/children in support of this cause.

Those who attend to disturb the peace will be removed by Police.

What signs, flags are allowed?

Signage and placards are allowed so long as they are not offensive, insulting and/or contain offensive language/gestures and they support the main purpose of the march, which is to support a ceasefire.

Flags of all countries are allowed so long as you are there to support a ceasefire.

Everyone attending must respect each other’s choice of flags and/or signage so long as we all understand that we are there for one purpose, to support a ceasefire and promote peace.

If someone does not abide by these rules and comes with the intention to disturb the peace, we will be seeking police assistance for their removal.

What to bring?

While the organizers will try to provide water, we urge all those attending, especially those attending with children to bring with you the following:

  1. Water, preferably in a reusable water bottles
  2. Light food/snacks to keep energized
  3. Umbrella
  4. Hat/cap for sun protection.
  5. Sunscreen for sun protection
  6. Mats/i.e. lavalava to sit on if needed or to provide shade

Who to follow:

The Organizers will identify themselves before we march so that you know who to follow and who to seek assistance from regarding the march/gathering. Police will be escorting the march from F.E.S.A to the FMFMII Building so we will follow the police escort.

Public Notice: