Samoa Victim Support Group Services “Very Much Needed” in Samoa


Senior Supreme Court Justice Vui Clarence Nelson has sent a message of support for the crucial work of the Samoa Victim Support Group.

In a video clip ahead of a planned SVSG fundraiser, Justice Vui reiterates the role of the Samoa Victim Support as first responders to the crisis that continues to affect Samoa’s children.

“The services by the Samoa Victim Support Group is very much needed; it is important,” states Justice Vui.

“In any country in the world, the demand for the services of organisations such as SVSG is very high, for the support services they provide.”

“O se galuega la o lo’o fa’atino e le Samoa Victim Support, o se galuega e manaomia; e taua. I so’o se atunuu o le lalolagi, e manaomia ituaiga fa’alapotopotoga fa’apenei e fa’atino lea galuega.”

You can donate to the Online Fundraising 2023: Saving Lives.