Samoa Shipping Corporation Takes New Year Baby Home to Savaii


8 January 2021, Upolu Samoa. A rainbow is seen over the Lady Samoa III as she prepared to set sail from Mulifanua to Salelologa this morning.

The sailing was taking Samoa’s New Year Baby of 2021, home to Savaii and the Samoa Shipping Corporation had stepped in to offer a free ride home.

Baby Sose Blessing Visesio was born 2.35am 01 January 2021 at Motootua National Hospital.

Koreta Keti and Visesio Roma had travelled to Apia before Christmas to await the arrival of their firstborn, not knowing she would be the first baby of the 2021 New Year.

The couple, both from Savaii, are grateful to the Samoa Shipping Corporation for taking them back home this morning. Koreti is from Fusi Safotulafai and Visesio is from Puapua, in Savaii.

Baby Sose Blessing was born with complications delaying her parents return to Savaii.

This morning they are grateful for the provision of ferry tickets for their return to Savaii, gifted by Samoa Shipping Corporation.

Koreta thanked the CEO of Samoa Shipping Corporation, Leiataua Samuel Phineas and the SSC team for gifting the ticket for their vehicle, and for herself and her Mom to travel to Savaii

“Faafetai tele i lau Afioga le manatu mai, ma lenei fesoasoani mo matou. Sa tau sue lava se seleni e toe foi ai i Savaii, ae maise ua leva ona matou omai i Upolu e faatalitali ai. Amuia Sose ia ua alofagia e le mamalu o le atunuu”.

Happy to be going home. Baby Sose Blessing and her parents Koreta and Visesio.

Visesio adds, “My parents and both our families in Savaii can’t wait to meet her and we are excited to return home”.

About the Samoa Shipping Corporation 


The principal purpose of Samoa Shipping Corporation is to provide sea transportation services for our domestic and inter- island market as well as other neighboring islands of the Pacific.

SSC continues to provide focus to achieve their linked Vision and Mission statements as stated below:

Vision and Mission

Vision Statement: “To be recognized as the premiere Shipping Company in Samoa active in a number of specialized shipping related services.”Mission Statement: “To provide seagoing transportation and shipping related services that are; safe and reliable, environmentally friendly and climate resilient, cost effective and profitable in providing high returns to our shareholders.”

Marieta H Ilalio