Samoa Reaches 83% Fully Vaccinated Adults after Mass Vaccination Follow-Up Campaign

"The mass vaccination follow-up up administered 11,298 second dose vaccines and 790 of the first dose"


Sun 21 November 2021, Apia Samoa.  The Ministry of Health has confirmed Samoa’s count of fully vaccinated adults jumped  from 89,818 or 73.7% to 101,116 or 83% after the ‘Follow up Mass Vaccination Campaign’ conducted across Upolu and Savaii last Friday.

The mass vaccination follow-up up administered 11,298 second dose vaccines and 790 first dose vaccines comparing the latest numbers to those prior to Friday’s efforts.

The numbers now sit at 116,741 for those who have received their first dose, and 101,116 for those now fully vaccinated in Samoa.

Prior to Friday Samoa’s Chair of the National Emergency Operation Center (NEOC) Agafili Tomaimano Shem Leo and Director General of Health Leausa Dr Take Naseri said the follow-up campaign would target the 13,000 people who received their first dose during the two-day nation-wide lockdown for vaccination in September.

“By the end of September more than 13,000 people had just had their first vaccination with the AstraZeneca,” said Agafili.

Dr Naseri had also revealed before Friday that over 15,000 people who had passed the second-dose vaccination deadline, but never came in to be vaccinated.

Fridays efforts by the Ministry of Health and NEOC saw 11,298 people receive their second  – which is 83% of the targeted 13,000.

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Samoa continues to be Covid-19 free with strict border controls and pre-departure requirements for all repatriated citizens, as well as a mandated quarantine periods of up to three weeks upon arrival.

“The target we have set for Samoa to achieve is 99% full vaccination by Christmas”, states the NEOC Chair.

The coronavirus global pandemic has claimed over 5.16 million lives since it took the world by storm two years ago. There are currently 257M cases while a total 236M people have contracted the virus and did manage to recover.

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