Samoa Prime Minister addresses ILO Global Forum for Human-Centred Recovery from Covid-19 Pandemic


Samoa’s Prime Minister Hon Fiame Naomi Mataafa supports a global call to action that ensures a human-centred recovery from the Covid-19 crisis that is inclusive, sustainable and resilient. Honorable Fiamē Naomi Maata’afa was addressing the International Labour Organization (ILO) Global Forum for a Human-centred Recovery that took place on 22-24 February.

In a virtual address, the Prime Minister said it was crucial to support ILO Member States in their recovery to the global pandemic.

“It is critical that we commit to pursue a strong and coherent global response in support of Member States’ crisis response and recovery strategies, including through joint initiatives and enhanced institutional arrangements among international and regional organizations.”

The Prime Minister addressed the forum as the Co-chair of the International Advisory Board for Climate Action for Job Initiatives (CA4JI) that was established to support the Paris Agreement on Climate Change adopted in 2015.

Speaking on the climate action, the Prime Minister highlighted Samoa’s commitment towards a ‘Just Transition’ and the need for genuine efforts by all to ensure that the creation of decent employment was at the core of climate action.

Samoa and Pacific Island States are continuing to address the vulnerabilities that exist due to climate change and its impacts on employment in key economic sectors such as agriculture, forestry, fisheries, and tourism.

Samoa, together with other countries of the Blue Pacific Big Ocean States are frontliners of the adverse effects of climate change. Honorable Fiame emphasized the importance of implementing a just transition by reshaping enabling environment incentives and requirements towards carbon pricing and financial regulation.

“A just transition is crucial to to realising the vision of minimizing the impacts of climate change on environments and economies..”

The Prime Minister also referred to the Global Accelerator on jobs and social Protection for a Just Transition, launched at the United Nations General Assembly in September 2021 as a demonstration of collective commitment to ensure inclusiveness and enable the voices of the Pacific to not only be heard, but to be followed by deliberate actions.

For Samoa and the Blue Pacific Big Ocean States, committing to the Just Transition to carbon and neutral economies also means ensuring greater protection for our workers, improved social protection for our people, and greater inclusion for youth, women, and girls at all levels.

Fiame acknowledged the work and support of the ILO in furthering Samoa and the Pacific’s efforts towards inclusive, full, and productive employment.

She said Samoa will continue to uphold commitments to decent work through improved labour standards built on the foundation of their culture and heritage perpetuating social harmony in the region. And will continue to observe the guidelines of greening the economies for more opportunities to accelerate economic growth and generate decent jobs that will contribute significantly to poverty reduction and social inclusion.