Samoa Police Commissioner Issues Warning to Anyone Selling or Growing Marijuana


Samoa’s Police Commissioner Su’a Fuiavailiili Egon Keil has sent a message to anyone growing marijuana that the Police are on the hunt and will not rest in the war against drugs in Samoa.

Speaking to the media after a drug raid of Faleatiu and Satapuala yesterday, Su’a issued a warning to anyone, anywhere in Samoa participating in the cultivation and distribution of drugs.

“As you can see, we used new methods that the officers have recently been trained in;

“Hopefully this sends a message to anyone that is selling or growing marijuana up in any area;

“We Will come, and we will shut it down”, warns the Samoa Police Commissioner.

The Samoa Police Service (SPS) concluded another successful drug bust in the notorious Faleatiu-Satapuala area which ended in 3 arrests and the seizure of approximately 4,000 plants, worth over $4 million tala.

Commissioner Keil said the operation involved 14 vehicles and around 60 police officers including Samoa’s Tactical Operations Squad (TOS).

Approximately 4000 plants seized.

“We’ve had numerous narcotics complaints from the public about this area, including the Alii and Faipule of Satapuala and Faleatiu”, said Su’a.

File photo of Samoa Police Commissioner. PC: Maina Vai.

“So we had to do something, we couldn’t sit around anymore.”

Su’a confirmed that the SPS were armed during today’s operation.

“Naturally in that area there’s a few shootings up there in the the recent past…”

“We’re not there to use these firearms, but we did have them for our protection”.

The Samoa Police Service used drones in the operation that took them “all the way to the top” of rough mountain terrain.

“These makes it very very easy for us. We send them up, zoom in to areas that look like they’re growing marijuana, and then we walk it”.

Su’a said that from the drones, they could see people with firearms sitting in shacks.

“But when we got there they took off, and we’re so glad they didnt want a confrontation”, said Su’a.

Su’a acknowledged and thanked the Alii and Faipule (Village Councils) of Satapuala and Faleatiu for their support.

“We want to thank them for allowing us to go up there and for helping us throughout the year, i le issue lea”.

Commissioner Keil also thanked the Fire and Emergency Services Authority (FESA) who had joined the police operation.

“We also thank FESA.. we always take FESA just incase something happens.. its always reassuring knowing that they are there”.

“I’d also like to thank my team, Tactical Team, CID, GP and some other units like from Maritime as well..”

The Police Commissioner said they were grateful to have been able to successfully utilise recent training of drone usage, as well as new systems and approaches.

“We are very very grateful to those entities that assisted”.

Joking along with the media about a man who broke in and stole a bad of marijuana plants after last November’s raid, the Police Commissioner said they now have containers for storage.

Maina Vai