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Samoa Peace Corps Medical Team Supports Vacinnation Program

Samoa Peace Corps Medical Team Supports Vacinnation Program

The Peace Corps Samoa is honored to take part in Samoa’s drive to ensure all of its citizens are vaccinated for COVID19.

Peace Corps medical team assisting MoH at St. Mary’s Savalalo Primary School.

The Peace Corps medical team of Dr. Sarah Brown, Dr. Sheila Pierce and Nurse Joyce Collins have been assisting the Ministry of Health with the vaccination roll out of 5-11 year olds within schools.

The Ministry of Health has been leading the vaccination programme for 5 -11 year old children this past week.

The rollout aims to cover all schools across the country before the end of March.

Director of Peace Corps Samoa, Gini Wilderson said the Peace Corps Samoa is pleased to offer support to Samoa’s Ministry of Health under the new U.S. Peace Corps program dubbed,  ‘Delivering on our Mission During COVID’  which aligns with the US government’s framework for COVID-19 response and recovery.

Peace Corps medical team with students during pediatric vaccination at Apia Primary School.

“This is a really important initiative. Our medical team is delighted to play a role in Samoa’s important initiative to vaccinate 5 -11 year olds which will in turn protect the health and safety of the country.”

Peace Corps medical team and Ministry of Health nurses.

Peace Corps is also loaning the use of a Peace Corps vehicle and driver to transport the teams to the school vaccination sites, with plans to continue to assist the Ministry of Health as along as services are needed.

To date, the Peace Corps team have vaccinated 176 children. It is expected that this campaign will continue over the next few weeks.

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