‘Samoa Noni Loa’ Nonu Juice from Wilex destined for China

Tagaloa Eddie Wilson and Grandson Theodore Wilson with Nonu Juice Shipment destined for China


Award winning exporter Tagaloa Eddie Wilson and Wilex Samoa have set another milestone this week with its first 40 foot container of Nonu Juice known as Samoa Noni Loa, all packed and destined for the chinese market.

The container is the first of many, in a deal signed by the local family owned company to supply over 1,000 tonnes of Nonu Juice for the Chinese Market.

Tagaloa Eddie Wilson with his grandchildren – the nexr generation of Samoa exporters who all work in the family-owned business.

The initiative comes at a time of hardship for farmers in Samoa with the economic impacts of COVID-19 being felt by all.

Wilex founder Tagaloa Eddie Wilson says, “The deal means a lot for our Samoa nonu farmers; this deal means there will be a steady market for nonu fruit throughout 2020”.

Nonu Juice exports have grown exponentially out of Samoa since the promotion of its unique health benefits throughout the Asian and American Markets.

Nonu Juice is rich in Antioxidants, Vitamic C, Vitamin B3, Vitamin A and Iron. Studies have also found nonu juice to help regulate blood pressure and boost immunity and health.

Wilex relies heavily on the tourism industry to sell its locally manufactured products like chocolate, nonu juice and kava products.

Wilex Samoa’s locally made chocolate is a popular take-home gift for visitors.

With the tourism industry at a standstill in Samoa due to the COVID19 pandemic this is one “light at the end of the tunnel” for the company.

“This export opportunity comes at a time of uncertainty for farmers. The will allow Wilex to continue to pass on the benefits of exports, and bless all our suppliers during these unprecedented times”, added Tagaloa.