Samoa Edges Closer to Target of 99% Fully Vaccinated Eligible Adults


Samoa continues to remain covid free two years after the global coronavirus pandemic took the world by storm.

As Christmas approaches, and as neighboring New Zealand and Australia continue various levels of lockdown to try and control the delta variant, Samoa continues to enjoy the freedoms of movement that comes with having no community cases ever.

The Samoa Ministry of Health confirms the latest vaccination numbers for Samoa edges closer to the target of 99% fully vaccinated by Christmas.

The latest report issued 25th November shows there are 102,800 fully vaccinated adults 18 years and older, representing 84.3% of the eligible population as being fully vaccinated.

There are still a number of people yet to come in for their second dose as 116,838 adults are registered to have had their first dose. A difference of over 14,000 from the 102,800 fully vaxed.

Ministry of Health Vaccination team at Papauta Girls School. Photo: MOH.

The vaccination of children aged 12 to 17 years with Pfizer is also continuing with over 23k first doses and over six thousand fully vaccinated children registered.

The Ministry’s Vaccination team were at Papauta Girls school this week.

Covid-19 has claimed over 5 million lives and world wide and Samoa has been in a continuous State of Emergency for the past two years.