Samoa Covid: Samoa’s Total Cases Exceeds 12,000 – Deaths Remain at 24

File Photo: First lot of Covid-19 vaccines arrived into Samoa on Friday 9 April 2021. Photo: Maina Vai/SGN

Apia, Samoa 18th May 2022  The Ministry of Health has issued a weekly situational report from Monday 8th to Sunday 15th May 2022. Within the last week, there was one death to report – a 59 year old female with known comorbidities and was unvaccinated according to MOH records.

The seven-day rolling average of positive cases for the period is 1,006. The total number of confirmed community cases stands at 11,973, of which 10,318 are based in Upolu, while Savaii has reached 1,639 cases. There are 16 cases in Manono Tai and Apolima remains Covid-Free. There are so far 78 cases recorded at Samoa’s borders.

A graph of the rolling average for Samoa shows a steady decline in numbers of cases recorded by the Ministry. The latest report continues to show an unexplained off-the-chart number of positive cases for infants aged 0-4 years old. Of Samoa’s total cases, 9% or 1,071 have been babies between 0 and 4 years.

The Ministry reports that there are five patients currently in managed isolation at Moto’otua National Hospital, and none at the Intensive Care Unit (ICU). Also, Samoa’s death toll does not include covid-positive patients who have passed away of other causes, “not primarily due to covid”.


Samoa’s vaccination rollout continues with 113,416 out of the target 122,056 (93%) of the adult population over 18 years now fully vaccinated. That still leaves 8,640 adults not yet fully vaccinated. Boosters are underway for adults, with 74,218 boosters administered to date. If there are 113,416 adults double vaxxed, then there are 39,198 adults who have received two AstraZeneca shots, who’ve yet to come in for their booster shot.

Of the population of children 12-17 years, 24,800 out of 27,880 (89%) have received two doses of the Pfizer vaccine.  There are 3,080 children in this age group yet to be fully vaccinated.  For children 5-11 years, 34,340 out of 39,616 have received two doses of the paediatric Pfizer. That leaves 5,276 children yet to be fully vaccinated.

The Ministry of Health continues to urge members of the public to adhere to health measures – wear a mask, maintain social distance, wash hands and maintain hygiene. The public are also asked to get vaccinated.

Samoa’s borders will open on the 1st of August, with weekly flights from New Zealand and Australia starting this weekend, for citizens, visiting friends and relatives, and expat or contracted workers.