Samoa College Year 9 Entrance Exam Results for 2023


One hundred and eighty six students have been offered places to attend Year 9 at Samoa College for 2023.

A total of 933 students from 170 schools across Samoa sat the entrance exam last week.

An analysis by Samoa College School Principal Ms Karene Faasisila confirmed the 186 successful students came from 41 Primary Schools.

This means 129 Primary Schools were unsuccessful.

Ms  Faasisila said the huge interest shown each year is humbling.

“We are in awe of the commitment shown by parents who bring their children to the entrance exam.. from Upolu as well as Savaii.

“We are humbled here at Samoa College to think of the hundreds who want to attend this school..”

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Ms Faasisila says she sympathises with students who miss out every year.

Out of the 933 students who sat the entrance exam, 186 have been offered a place. This means 747 students have been unsuccessful.

Samoa College is only able to offer placings for five Year 9 classes, with approximately 36 students per class.

Samoa College has a total of 39 staff – 34 teachers and 5 resource staff including a librabrian.

Samoa College Year 9 Entrants for 2023

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