Samoa Cabinet Approves Outbound Flights to Repatriate Over 70 American Samoa Citizens


6 March 2022 Apia Samoa. Outbound flights to repatriate around 70 registered citizens of American Samoa, stuck in Apia since the community outbreak of Covid-19 in the Territory, has been approved by the Government of Samoa in a Cabinet decision announced this week.

Approved flights had been operating between the two Samoas prior to the announcement of American Samoa’s Code Red status on the 23rd of February, which prompted a closure of inbound flights from Pago Pago.

Travel between the two Samoas is operated by the government-owned Samoa Airways, and the privately owned Talofa Airways.

The Samoa Cabinet has approved travel from Apia to Pago Pago for the estimated 70 citizens needing to return home, however, no passengers are permitted to travel from American Samoa to Apia.

“The Samoa Government will continue to monitor the situation of the Covid-19 community spread in American Samoa, and for the time being, no passengers are permitted to travel from the Territory”.

As of Saturday, community cases in American Samoa have hit 215 with two patients in hospital and no recorded deaths.

American Samoa is reported to be over 80% double vaxxed, and a drive through vaccination point for boosters has been operating since early hours of this morning (Saturday in AS).