Samoa Animal Protection Society Offers Tips for Animal Care During Lockdown


The Samoa Animal Protection Society (APS) has issued valuable information and tips  for the public to ensure care is given to animals and pets during Samoa’s nation-wide lockdown.

“During these uncertain times we want to help you keep your animals as safe and healthy as possible, as the APS clinic will not be able to open until lockdown is lifted”.

Here are our top tips 🐶🐱

** Make sure there is always a bowl of fresh, clean water available to drink.

** Feed your pets everyday with an appropriate diet, ideally dog food. Please note it is not recommended to give them bones, anything with a shell, onions, garlic or any flavourings like salt or soy sauce.

** Try and keep your dogs away from the road or locked in your compound.

** Keep young puppies away from other dogs until they are fully vaccinated.

** Clean any wounds promptly and regularly with cooled, boiled salty water or diluted betadine.

** If your dog is feeling unwell, move them out of the sun under shelter and leave a bowl of food and water within reach.

** If you have a female dog who is in heat, please keep them off the street and safely contained so they do not get injured or cause fights amongst the male dogs.

When the APS clinic is allowed to open please come and stock up on a supply of flea and worm medicine so they can continue to receive a monthly treatment 🐶 and ensure any puppies receive their vaccination as a priority!

** Most importantly be kind and give your pets lots of love!

Changes in the routines of their owners can be unsettling for pets 🐶 and animals can provide amazing emotional support for their owners too 😊

If you need advice, please send us a message on Facebook or contact 7522403.

APS is a non-profit non government organisation established in 1994 to provide care for pets in Samoa with a focus on dogs and cats. They provide a cost-basis services from their clinic at Vailima located within the Ministry of Agriculture compound.