Samoa Airways to Launch Flight Service to Savaii


Samoa Airways is set to open flight services to Maota Airport by the end of March this year.

CEO for Samoa Airways, Tupuivao Seiuli AlvinTuala says the airline is in the process of taking the steps required in setting up the service to ensure everything runs smoothly and successfully.

“This will allow time to set up the operations and provide enough lead time into markets to promote and sell the service before its launch”, reads a press release issued today.

It has been several years since there was an option to fly to the Big Island. The last service being efforts by a private airline, Samoa Air, owned and operated by Chris Langton.

A private sector airline, Samoa Air was the last to offer flight services to Savaii. 

According to Samoa Airways, this move is a collaborative effort supported by Samoa Tourism Authority, Samoa Hotel Association and the Savaii Samoa Tourism Association, to help boost the tourism market on Savaii.

Tupuivao says this is a good time to make new routes and offer more options to their customer base.

“Resuming flight routes into Savaii will be a good travel alternative for locals while also providing the option of a connecting flight service for international visitors who want to experience what the big island has to offer,” he said.

“Together with our partners, Samoa Airways is looking forward to supporting tourism and travel to the beautiful island of Savaii.”

President of Samoa Hotel Association and Savaii businessman, Tupai Saleimoa Vaai said this is a huge boost for the big island,

“From the industry side we are ready to come to the table with Samoa Airways and make this work”

Tupai added, “We are thankful that flights to Savaii are open again and our commitment is to utilise this access while ensuring our national carrier is looked after.”

Maota Airport is the main domestic airport on the island of Savai’i in Samoa. It is situated near Salelologa at the east end of Savai’i.