Samoa Airways Offers Free Freight for Critical Medical Equipment


Samoa Airways is supporting international agencies by providing free freight services and flights for life saving medical equipment and medical personnel coming to the aid of Samoa’s measles emergency.

A collaborative effort by Pacific Trade Invest Australia, the Bella Vista Group and Samoa Airways enabled the delivery of 3 critical care ventilators and supporting medical supplies to health care workers at the front line of the epidemic.

The National Emergency Operations Centre (NEOC) is also currently coordinating with Samoa Airways to bring over 15 volunteer nurses provided through the Bella Vista Group Australia/New Zealand, who are expected to arrive this week along with more ventilators.

In light of the current 30-day proclamation of the State of Emergency for the measles outbreak in Samoa, Samoa Airways CEO Tupuivao Seiuli Alvin Tuala says the airline is doing their part to help with crisis relief efforts.

“Out of this emergency, we have seen many examples of the generosity of spirit in our people who are working tirelessly to help save lives and provide support to families and health care workers in great need.” said Tupuivao.

“Samoa Airways will continue to deliver this message of hope and re-affirm our commitment to lifting up our communities, especially when disaster strikes.”

“Samoa Airways is assisting with transporting all medical personnel and medical supplies at this time, at no cost,” said Tupuivao Seiuli.

“We must all step up and do whatever we can at this time to help our people and our country”.

In addition to freight and flight services provided by the national airline, a monetary contribution from all airfare sales made throughout November will be donated to the measles epidemic relief response through NEOC who is responsible for the co-ordination of all assistance and donations.

The orders of the State of Emergency in Samoa do not include an international travel ban and Samoa Airways’ long haul services will continue to operate within the parameters of the 30-day health emergency proclamation by Samoa and American Samoa until further notice.

“We have been doing our best to keep our passengers informed and up to date of the current health emergency proclamation to minimise disruption to their travel plans and avoid panic,” said Tupuivao Seiuli

“We encourage all our customers to follow the recommendations of their health care practitioners and ensure their immunisations are up to date before departure;

In addition we also advise passengers returning from Samoa to their home destination to seek immediate medical attention if they begin experiencing the early signs and symptoms of measles such as; runny nose, cough, a rash, red and watery eyes.”