Samoa Airways Explains Flight Delays


7 Jan 2019, Apia Samoa. Bad weather at Sydney’s Kingsford-Smith Airport forced the diversion of the Samoa Airways Apia-Sydney flight OL855 to Canberra last Saturday.

According to a statement from Samoa Airways, the diversion took place while customers booked on the return flight from Sydney to Apia were being processed. The airline were able to bring it’s passengers from Canberra to Sydney only to be faced with another dilemma in Sydney Airport’s curfew that prohibits any flights in and out after 12am.

“Whilst flight OL855 was eventually able to operate from Canberra to Sydney last night, it did so after 11:00pm local time meaning that the Sydney Airport curfew would be a factor,” read the public statement.

“Despite the Airline’s best efforts for special dispensation to operate out of Sydney back to Apia after the curfew, unfortunately this was not possible and as a result, Samoa Airways’ Boeing 737-800 aircraft and crew had to make an unplanned overnight stopover in Sydney.”

Disappointed passengers stranded in Apia took to social media to vent their frustrations towards the airline for the inevitable resheduled flights that followed.

The rescheduled flights are listed below and covers the period from Sunday 6th – Sunday 13th January 2019.

“The Airline apologises for the inconvenience caused as a result of the disruption which was caused by unsuitable weather conditions and reminds customers to ensure they have travel insurance coverage for unforeseen situations and emergencies.”

6th January 2019

Please note that due to weather, the following services have been rescheduled:

SUNDAY 6-Jan-19
OL856 DEPART SYDNEY 1400, ARRIVE APIA 2300 (Orig date 5Jan19)

MONDAY 7-Jan-19
OL731 DEPART APIA 0130, ARRIVE AUCKLAND 0440 (Orig date 6Jan19)
OL732 DEPART AUCKLAND 0535, ARRIVE APIA 1025 (Orig date 6Jan19)

OL2731 DEPART APIA 1120, ARRIVE AUCKLAND 1430 (Orig date 6Jan19)
OL2732 DEPART AUCKLAND 1525, ARRIVE APIA 2015 (Orig date 6Jan19)

OL731 DEPART APIA 2110, ARRIVE AUCKLAND 0020+1 (Orig date 7Jan19)

TUESDAY 8-Jan-19
OL732 DEPART AUCKLAND 0115, ARRIVE APIA 0605 (Orig date 7Jan19)

OL2731 DEPART APIA 0700, ARRIVE AUCKLAND 1010 (Orig date 7Jan19)
OL2732 DEPART AUCKLAND 1105, ARRIVE APIA 1555 (Orig date 7Jan19)

OL855 DEPART APIA 1655, ARRIVE SYDNEY 2015 (Orig date 8Jan19)
OL856 DEPART SYDNEY 2115, ARRIVE APIA 0615+1 (Orig date 8Jan19)

OL731 DEPART APIA 0710, ARRIVE AUCKLAND 1020 (Orig date 8Jan19)
OL732 DEPART AUCKLAND 1115, ARRIVE APIA 1605 (Orig date 8Jan19)

OL731 DEPART APIA 1700, ARRIVE AUCKLAND 2010 (Orig date 9Jan19)
OL732 DEPART AUCKLAND 2105, ARRIVE APIA 0155+1 (Orig date 9Jan19)

THURSDAY 10-Jan-19
OL2731 DEPART APIA 0250, ARRIVE AUCKLAND 0600+1 (Orig date 9Jan19)
OL2732 DEPART AUCKLAND 0655, ARRIVE APIA 1145 (Orig date 9Jan19)

OL855 DEPART APIA 1245, ARRIVE SYDNEY 1605 (Orig date 10Jan19)
OL856 DEPART SYDNEY 1705, ARRIVE APIA 0205+1 (Orig date 10Jan19)

FRIDAY 11-Jan-19
OL731 DEPART APIA 0300, ARRIVE AUCKLAND 0610 (Orig date 10Jan19)
OL732 DEPART AUCKLAND 0705, ARRIVE APIA 1155 (Orig date 10Jan19)

OL731 DEPART APIA 1250, ARRIVE AUCKLAND 1600(Orig date 11Jan19)
OL732 DEPART AUCKLAND 1655, ARRIVE APIA 2145 (Orig date 11Jan19)

OL2731 DEPART APIA 2240, ARRIVE AUCKLAND 0150+1 (Orig date 11Jan19)

SATURDAY 12-Jan-19
OL2732 DEPART AUCKLAND 0245, ARRIVE APIA 0735 (Orig date 11Jan19)

OL855 DEPART APIA 0835, ARRIVE SYDNEY 1155 (Orig date 12Jan19)
OL856 DEPART SYDNEY 1255, ARRIVE APIA 2155 (Orig date 12Jan19)

OL731 DEPART APIA 2250, ARRIVE AUCKLAND 0200+1 (Orig date 12Jan19)

SUNDAY 13-Jan-19
OL732 DEPART AUCKLAND 0255, ARRIVE APIA 0745 (Orig date 12Jan19)

Normal operations:
OL731 DEPART APIA 0900, ARRIVE AUCKLAND 1210 (Orig date 13Jan19)
OL732 DEPART AUCKLAND 1305, ARRIVE APIA 1755 (Orig date 13Jan19)

OL2731 DEPART APIA 1855, ARRIVE AUCKLAND 2205 (Orig date 13Jan19)
OL2732 DEPART AUCKLAND 2300, ARRIVE APIA 0350+1 (Orig date 13Jan19)

We apologise for the inconvenience caused and should further information be required, please do not hesitate to contact us – SAMOA +685 23097 or NEW ZEALAND/AUSTRALIA +64 275 959 702 .

Faafetai lava.

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