Frontliners Ready for Mass Vaccination – Close to 30,000 Doses Expected to be Administered


The Ministry of Health (MOH) are systems go as Samoa prepares to lock down for two days with the aim of achieving herd immunity against coronavirus.

Preparing meetings were held this morning with 150 teams set for Upolu and 43 teams in Savaii.

Preparation is key to the success of the 2-day mass vaccination campaign.

Chair of Samoa’s National Emergency Operation Centre (NEOC) Agafili Tomaimano Shem Leo has called for the nation’s support and says they are working closely with communities through Village Councils.

“O lea ua maea ona fesootai atu i sui o afioaga taitasi. E manaomia lava le tatou galulue faatasi e faigofie ai le faatinoga o galuega”.

The man leading Samoa’s frontliners for the mass vaccination campaign said there are close to 30,000 doses expected to be administered over the next two days, and calls for everyone’s cooperation to help protect Samoa.

Agafili also highlighted that in previous door to door attempts, some people could not be vaccinated because they were under the influence of alcohol.

“Ua toe foi mai le au faigaluega i nisi o aiga pe a oo atu ae o loo faasuaavā”.

Agafili said the NEOC and MOH needs the support from the public and asked that families refrain from visiting each other and note that it is not a day for parties or visits to the beach.

43 MOH teams arrived at Savaii today Photo: MOH.

“O le fautuaga ma le tuualalo ia nonofo lelei mai i totonu o maota ma laoa taitasi e faatali mai ai le aufaigaluega”.