Saleimoa Catholic Parish Holds Annual Christmas Event



The Saleimoa Catholic Parish Three Days of Christmas Program is an annual event where three come together to showcase theatrical songs and items focused on the birth of the King of Kings, our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ.

The three choirs of Saleimoa Catholic Parish include Lotosoa, Levi and Tufulele.


In leading the opening of this special three day program at Lotosoa Catholic Church on Wednesday this week,

Father Tavita Lemusu reminded all parishioners that the spirit of Christmas and the mafutaga between the parishes is about glorifying Jesus Christ.

“Let us all reflect in this special occasion that it is not about competing against each other but to sing Jesus’ praises and glorify him in dancing and singing”.

Youth groups from each parish are asked to perform special  Christmas items and sing two Christmas hymns from each choir.

Lotosoa Catholic Choir

Tufulele Catholic hosted on Thursday night with the final night being at Lotosoa Catholic Church again, on Friday.

Levi Catholic Youth Group

Marieta H Ilalio