Manu Samoa gets a Glimpse of Vaimasanuu’s One Beat Philosophy

For 23 years, Vaimasanuu Zita Martel has led mens fautasi crews that have consistently placed 1st or 2nd in almost every race she has captained..


This week Manu Samoa Head Coach Vaovasamanaia Seilala Mapusua, preparing his side for the upcoming Rugby World Cup, sought out the secret behind Vaimasanuu Zita Martel’s One Beat philosophy.

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“It was a beautiful day, an auspicious day,” said Vaimasanuu, “when a modern sport seeks guidance and connection from a traditional sport and Tautai to help them on their journey.”

The Manu Samoa is looking to folau faatasi, as they journey together towards the RWC 2023 in France, where they will come up against giants of the sport. Nations who are right now preparing with larger budgets, more sponsors, a deeper pool of players, and just general access to more resources.

“I was approached by Coach Vaovasamanaia Seilala in April if I could share my secret to success in training large groups of men for many years. The Coach and Suá Hesed (the MS team manager) had done their homework on me, before they met with me.”

Vaimasanuu Zita Martel captained the 50th Anniversary First Placed Fautasi.

That homework means the Manu Samoa management would have found out that Vaimasanuu has the best record in Samoa for training successful fautasi crews of men.

Vaimasanuu has been Skipper of Fautasi since 2001 – making her the longest active tautai in Samoa and American Samoa and also the skipper with the most wins.

For 23 years, Vaimasanuu Zita Martel has led fautasi crews and teams that have consistently placed 1st or 2nd in almost every race she has captained, in both Samoa and American Samoa.

“Coach Vaovasamanaia wanted me to speak to the Team and inspire them like how I inspire my own teams over the years. And also to share with the Manu Samoa team my philosophy behind the One Beat.”

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Vaimasanuu says she was immensely proud and deeply moved to be asked.

“For me it was a public acknowledgement by the best in rugby, that traditional sports have something to offer the modern world of high performance in sport.”

Don Bosco Technical Centre hosted the Manu Samoa for a Folau Faatasi program on Tuesday. Patele Vise opened the day in prayer before the Manu Samoa Head Coach spoke about why it was important for the Manu to seek the connection with the Tautai and Auvaa of Samoa’s traditional warrior sport.

Vaimasanuu spoke about the three pillars of You – Family – Country – and how these are built upon a deep sense of Belief, Mana, Respect and Love.

Vaimasanuu’s philosophy says Aiga is your shield that you cannot journey without. An unbreakable bond of family who believe in you, pray for you and bless you as you journey.

Vaimasanuu spoke about the pillar of Country – your identity and faasinomaga made up of ancestors, people, land and oceans which unite in fasting and prayers – in agapogi for you. Throughout the journey and until you return safely.

Samoa is the Home of Taula.

Program Folau Faatasi


Sina Retzlaff