Rotary Club of Riccarton in Christchurch Donates to SVSG


    The Foundation and International Committee of the Rotary Club of Riccarton in Christchurch, New Zealand, became the latest donors to support the work of the Samoa Victim Support Group.

    This week, a financial donation of NZD2,500, equivalent to ST4,105.65 was presented by the

    District Governor Allan Smith and his wife Sue Smith, on behalf of the Riccarton Rotary Club President Alan Nicholson and the

    Rotarians in Christchurch.

    In presenting the donation, the District Governor encouraged SVSG to seek assistance with the Rotary when needed, given Rotary’s drive to give back to the community.

    “Ask, because you can only get a yes or no answer; so besides financial assistance, if you need new equipment for something like educational programs, just ask.” Allan Smith

    One of the key activities of Rotary is giving help to the community. Sometimes this is done through grants, but often in the giving of time, effort and care

    Included in the presentation event and in support of their fellow Rotarians from the Foundatioin and International Committee Riccarton, were members of the Rotary Club of Apia, Ms. Joanne Rasmussen, Ms. Susan Faoagali, Mario & Maria.

    SVSG Board Member, Mrs. Palepa Swanney Solaese received the donation on behalf of SVSG. The donation is to fund critical services provided by SVSG to survivors of violence and abuse in Samoa, including counselling, legal support, and advocacy to help survivors heal from trauma and rebuild their lives.

    “Thank you so much for your kindness shared everywhere you go and reaching the most vulnerable members of the community.” Palepa Swanney Solaese.