Regional Director for WHO Supports the Health Sector Merge


2 April, 2019. Recently appointed Regional Director for World Health Organization in the Western Pacific Region says he is in supoort of Samoa’s recent move to re-merge the Ministry of Health and the National Health Services, adding that the merger was a WHO suggestion.

“I commend the Government to move in the direction of the merger of the National Health Services and Ministry of Health,” he said.

“I feel Samoa is in the right direction with the merge because that is really W-H-O’s suggestion;

“This merger will bring the different groups together to provide the services to those who really need it in more efficient and effective ways.”

Dr Takeshi Kasai is in Samoa to discuss a shared regional vision for health and to gain a better understanding of the unique opportunities and challenges facing Samoa’s health sector.

During a press conference this morning, Dr. Kasai said he also came to see how WHO and the Samoa Government could work differently to maximise opportunities and overcome challenges, especially considering the recent merging of the National Health Service and the Ministry of Health.

Dr. Kasai has worked for the World Health Organization for more than 15 years. He was nominated as Director for the Western Pacific Region in October 2018 and his appointment was confirmed by the WHO Executive Board in January this year. He will began his five-year term on 1 February 2019 as the seventh WHO Regional Director for the Western Pacific.