Public Invited to Report Speeding EPC Vehicles


21 February 2019, Apia Samoa. The General Manager of the state-owned Electric Power Corporation EPC has issued a notice, inviting the public to report drivers of the organisation’s vehicles seen speeding and driving recklessly on the roads.

In a strategic move that aims to discourage drivers of EPC vehicles from abusing government property, Tologata Tile Tuimaleali’ifano signs the public notice.

“The public is hereby advised to report to the Electric Power Corporation any of our vehicles that are speeding on the road.”

To ensure legitimate reports are made, the Notice requires detailed information the public when reporting.

“The following information must be reported:

“Vehicle Number Plate, Location, Date, Time, Type of Vehicle, Your Contact Details.”

The public are asked to call the EPC phone number 65500, email or send information via the corporation’s facebook messenger.

Members of the public responding to the EPC Facebook post have welcomed the transparent move by Tologata.

“Its about time. This rule needs to be rolled out to ALL government owned vehicles!”

So far, a “white Ford Ranger in Savaii” and a “brownish Hilux” have been reported by comments to the EPC post which has attracted over 120 shares.