PSC Advertises for Director General of Health on Same Week Current Contract Ends


Wednesday 4 May 2022. The three year contract for Samoa’s Director General of Health ends this week. On the same week the contract ends, the Public Service Commission (PSC) puts out a “Special Advertisement” for the position.

Advertisement for Samoa’s Director General of Health.

The timing of the PSC advertisement means that amidst Samoa’s battle with the community outbreak of Covid-19, the nation may well find itself without a formally appointed Director General and CEO for its Ministry of Health, for the coming months.

The Public Service Commission advertisement, put up just this week, invites applications for the position that are not due until the 30th of May.

Several CEO positions that had been advertised with applications due in November 2021 were eventually announced in March 2022 while other CEO positions advertised months ago are still yet to be announced.

Leausa Toleafoa Dr Take Naseri was first appointed by Cabinet to held the role in 2014 and then re-appointed in May 2019 for a further three years as Director General and CEO.

The Public Service Commission oversees and coordinates the recruitment process of CEOs and ACEOs for all Government Ministries. The process includes advertising, shortlisting, panel interviews and recommendations to Cabinet for positions.

In an interview with Health Minister Hon Valasi Tafito Selesele, he said Director General Leausa, who was extremely valuable to the Ministry, was taking unused  leave.

The Minister said Tagaloa Dr Robert Thompsen is currently Acting Director General for a period of two weeks, after which time Dr Glenn Fatupaito will take over for two weeks.

The Minister said he has evey confidence in the Assistant CEOs who will now lead the Ministry on a rotational basis.