Promoting Squash as a Fun Way of Keeping Fit and Healthy


Promoting squash as a fun way of keeping fit and maintaing your health was the theme of the Heems Squash Courts Easter fun tournament held over two days before the long weekend.

Most of the tournament participants were beginners. Photos: Supplied.

Clare Heem Mariner says it has been two decades since a squash tournament was held at the Heem’s Squash Courts at Vaivase-Tai.

“The Easter tournament was initiated due to a request from most of the newcomers who wanted to experience what it’s like to play in a competition,” said Clare.

A former national representative for Samoa, Mrs Mariner says the number of squash players have been steadily increasing since the beginning of this year, and when the request came through, there were enough players to hold a tournament.

“Suffice to say, everyone got a good workout but most importantly, they thoroughly enjoyed their matches and the atmosphere..”

Clare says the long term goal is to continue promoting squash as a fun and healthy form of exercise and at the same time, develop skills for the competitive squash players.

“Hopefully this is the start of many more tournaments to come.”

The tournament included singles matches on Friday with doubles played on Saturday.

“It was an open and mixed tournament where the majority of the players were beginners..”

God bless our beautiful Samoa. Faamolemole, aua le lafoina lapisi i tafatafa o tatou aualatele faapea matafaga. 📷 SGN.
O se feau tāua mai le auaunaga a le Ofisa o Turisi, STA.


Singles – Mixed Open Results:

Winner: Lesina To’omalatai

Runner Up: Richard Epa

Play Off: John Johnston

Special Plate: Faith Lam

Consolation: Linda Lokeni

Doubles – Mixed Open Results:

Winners: Team Under Armour (Priscilla Levy & Michelle Williams Gatoloai)

Runners Up: Team 2 Sure (Tina Wilson & Sam Faamoe)

Play Off (3rd): Faith Lam & John Johnston

Consolation: Linda Lokeni & Gianna Mariner

Play Off (7th): Eliza Schwenke & Richard Epa).