Prime Minister Fiame Mataafa’s Stirring Call for Peace and Remembrance at ANZAC Day Dawn Service





Town Clock Monument 

25 April 2024 @ 5:30 AM 

Reverend Elder Palemia Reupena 

Lau afioga i le Ao Mamalu o le Malo ma le Masiofo 

The Honourable Governor of American Samoa 

Member of the Council of Deputies 

Deputy Prime Minister and President of the RSA and Cabinet Ministers The Chief Justice 

The Speaker and Members of Parliament  

Members of the Returned Services Association 

Their Excellencies, High Commissioners of Australia and New Zealand   and Members of the Diplomatic Corps 

Ladies and Gentlemen, 

On this momentous occasion, as we appropriately commemorate every  year, we honour and remember the lives of men and women who devoted  and sacrificed so much to defend our freedom and way of life we enjoy.  

It is also a precious moment to remember that even now in many parts  of the world, people continue to wake up to daunting realities of war torn  zones, and loss of loved ones due to wars and localised conflicts. Our global  security landscape has become diverse and complex due to rapidly changing  dynamics and competing ideologies. 

For us in Samoa, we are blessed to live in a peaceful country. But it  would be a grave mistake to lose focus on our commitment to strongly  advocate for peace and security in our country, the region and beyond. We  do not have to look very far within our own region for examples on what can  conceivably happen if we become complacent. We must therefore continue  to heed lessons from conflict zones and play our part in the collective world  effort to try and bring peace to communities that have suffered long the  ravages of war.  

The countries represented in today’s service all contribute and  participate in efforts either under the flag of the United Nations or through  regionally supported deployments to resolve conflicts and maintain peace  around the world. Samoa’s own police officers have served for several years  in peace keeping missions to different parts of the world including the Pacific  region. 

Our planet has suffered two devastating World Wars and it goes  without saying, that it is the duty of every nation to ensure that the world  would never again plunge into world war, and the terrible depths of  desolation and grief it would work. 

The generations of past men and women who have served to defend  freedom and bring peace, those who now carry this massive responsibility,  and those to come, would always deserve to be honoured and to be 

remembered for the sacrifices they have made, and will continue to make  for the sake of human-kind and our world. 

On behalf of the Government of Samoa, I wish to express our sincere  appreciation to the President of the RSA and the representatives of the  governments of Australia and New Zealand for the arrangements to  commemorate this year’s ANZAC Day. 

I wish you success with the remainder of the activities of this year’s  commemoration.