Preparations Underway for Government Honours and Awards Ceremony

CAPTION: Fualefaulepouli So'onalote Naseri, a retired nurse, veteran health care provider and Sui o le Nuu for many decades was recognized for her loyal service to Samoa at the 2017 Awards. Photo: Taunuuga Toatasi, 2017.

By: Nanai Taofiga Laveitiga Tuiletufuga. After a five-year lapse due to the COVID pandemic on the heels of the measles outbreak, Government is resurrecting its Honours and Awards Ceremony.

The initiative recognises and acknowledges impeccable service by Samoans who have shaped and transformed the country and contributed to Samoa’s development.

The Honors and Awards Committee is  Chaired by the CEO of the Prime Minister’s Department, Agafili Tomaimanō Shem Leo. Other representatives include the CEO of the Ministry of Finance and the CEO of the Ministry of Women Community and Social Development.

Su’a Julia Wallwork represents Non Government Organisations, Reverend Siaosi Nu’uausala represents the Church and Village Councils is represented by Tulimaseali’i Seiuli Moala.

A Press Conference held this week invites nominations for the awards.

“Be proud of your contributions and roles played for the sake of Samoa and for our country’s future,” said the Committee Chair as he called for nominations.

“For inclusiveness, the Committee is also expanding nominees to include past loyal Samoans who have served as Members of Parliament, Women’s Committee and Churches.”

“The awards is for all Samoans, here and all over the world. And to ensure that no-one is left behind, we are humbly asking our traditional leaders, church leaders and families of pioneer Legislative Members to be part of the event as we celebrate our 60th Independence Anniversary,” added Committee Member Tulimaseali’i Seiuli Pomale.

There will be 13 Honor Awards available for nominations. But there are four awards, articulated and legalized by the Honors and Awards Act 1999 which have not been awarded to any recipient due to the requirements for eligibility to receive the high Government honors.

They four awards designed to recognize “bravery and gallantry” includes;
• The Malietoa Cross
• The Samoa Cross
• The Samoa Medal Honor
• The Head of State’s Medal for Valor

For clarify, the awards are designed “to recognize brave Samoans who have performed lifesaving acts during times of natural disasters, emergencies and health pandemics which had threatened the lives of residents and loved ones”, explained Agafili.

“Our world sports champions in individual and teams sports such as weightlifting, boxing, rugby league, rugby union and all sports codes are eligible and it is not inclusive to Samoans living in the country but to our diaspora brothers and sisters,” added the Committee Chairman.

The deadline for nominations is Jan 31st 2023.

For more information and details kindly contact; ACEO – Fiso Jennifer Key or Senior Officer Kerri Anne Amataga @ Telephones 22-132 or 63-222 Or via Emails; Or