Pregnant Mother Amongst the Passengers of Falelima Bus Accident


Translated from FaaSamoa by Loreta Kelemete. A pregnant mother was one of three women treated at the Sataua District Hospital following a bus crash at Falelima on Monday 13 March 2023.

Contact UTOS on (685) 26949 or visit their website for more information.

When contacted for an update, a staff member of Sataua District Hospital told SGN that three women were brought into the hospital with minor injuries following the crash.

“The pregnant woman is being treated to ensure her baby is okay, but she doesn’t have any visible injuries.”

“One woman has a head injury that is being assessed, and the other has minor injuries and expected to be released sometime today.”

A witness told SGN the Lady Samoa bus was on its route from Salelologa to Asau when it crashed, and says there were no casualties from the accident.

“Just a few passengers with injuries, but thank God noone was really hurt badly, and the driver is also ok.”

According to Malae Pefu, the bus is one of four belonging to a family from Tufutafoe, who have been servicing the Salelologa – Asau route for many years as a service to the public in Savaii.

Public bus transport in Samoa has been serviced by private businesses for many years under costly business conditions and was one of the sectors affected by the recent years of mass lockdowns.

“The Tufutafoe family own four buses and Komasi from Saleloga owns another two, so there are six buses altogether.”

SFESA has been contacted for update.