Powerhouse Women Join the Team of Lecturers at NUS School of Medicine


18 March, 2019. Samoa – The National University of Samoa announced the appointment of Drs Aigaeiva Sesega, Belladonna Potoi, and Salote Va’ai as new lecturers of the School of Medicine in 6 different areas of medical studies offered locally.

Held this morning at the Motootua campus, Vice Chancellor of NUS, Fui Asofou So’o says the addition of Sesega, Potoi and Vaai will further strengthen the faculty team of the NUS School of Medicine, and meet gender balance standards upheld by the University.

The Vice Chancellor said the Bachelors of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery Programme (M.B.B.S) stands to benefit from quality lecturers which will in turn lift the standard of professionalism amongst graduates, which is the University’s ultimate goal.

“This is a huge plus for the University and especially the students that we teach,” he said.

“N.U.S is capitalizing on the best we have and to have these ladies join our workforce, it’s crucial,” he added.

Dr. Belladonna Potoi shares that the opportunity to teach and train the future doctors of Samoa is her motivation.

“It means a lot for us to be able to teach here at N.U.S. and to give back to our country,” she said.

Potoi is a Fellow in the Royal Australian College of Physicians with a wealth of experience in internal medicine and primary healthcare.

Dr. Salote Vaai described her appointment as a chance to give back to Samoa as an alumni of NUS.

“We were all students of NUS and to come back here and give back to the University, it really is a great feeling,” she said.

Vaai holds Postgraduate Diplomas in Obstetrics, Gynaecology and Public Health from the University of Auckland.

Dr. Sesega is a paediatrician specialist and holds a Postgraduates Diploma in Child Health.