Power Disruptions to Parts of Vaitele Industrial Zone Restored


The Electric Power Corporation has restored electricity services to parts of Vaitele’s industrial area that experienced a power outage on Sunday evening.

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The Corporation announced around 7pm on Sunday evening that workers were attending to the fault which had caused a power outage to parts of Vaitele, including where the Farmer Joe supermarket is located.

EPC called for the public’s patience for interruptions to electricity supply, as well as a weakened supply.

“E faamalulu atu i le mamalu o le tatou atunuu i se vaega o Vaitele ona o le motusia faafeasei atu ai o le tatou auaunaga i le afiafi nei, faapena foi le vaivai o le tatou eletise..”

In just over one hour, however, electricity was announced to have been fully restored.

“Thank you for your patience Samoa.”

“Faafetai le lava papale i le tatou i Vaitele.. Ua toe faafoisia le tatou auaunaga i le afiafi nei..”

Last Friday, in a live social media video post the Electric Power Corporation announced upgrade works in Vaitele-Uta.

Vaitele-Uta upgrade works:
•2 new LBS installation
•replace rotten HV poles
•replace rotten HV cross arms
•upgrade HV lines.

Call: +685.7622883 or.Email: manumailagigarden@gmail.com

On the Big Island of Savaii, a rationing of electricity was necessary last Friday evening due to problems with a diesel generator located in Salelologa

For the high peak hours of 6pm to 8:30pm, parts of Savaii from Falealupo to Asau and Manase to Aopo experienced disruptions.

Currently, EPC operates 9 hydro plants, with one of those in Savaii.

There are solar farms at Apolima Island, Tuanaimato, Vaitele, Tanugamanono and Salelologa Savaii, and a wind farm at Vailoa Aleipata.

The two diesel power plants are at Fiaga in Upolu and Salelologa Savaii.

Total electricity generation capacity as at end of March 2020 was 130,801,660 kWh.

As mandated to generate, distribute and sell electricity supply to all of Samoa, the EPC has connected up to 99% of Samoa’s population.

EPC has on record a total of 39,033 customers, using mostly prepaid with some still on postpaid electricity. It has expanded its vending outlets for prepaid electricity and utilise modern technology through mobile phone apps for purchasing, to ensure customer convenience.