Post Mortems Finally Conducted this week for Six Open Police Investigations


Translated from FaaSamoa. A pathologist has arrived into Samoa and will this week perform autopsies on six cases under long awaited police investigations.

The completion of the work by a Fijian pathologist throughout this week will finally allow families to receive closure, and lay their loved ones to rest.

Deputy Police Commissioner Papalii Monalisa Tiai-Keti said post-mortem examinations will include TV3 Manager Aotearoa Pesamino Myers, Tanumalala prisoner Kolani Junior Lam and policewoman Mele Segisolo Lapana.

Ms Pesamino Myers, remembered for her massive role in various areas of the community was found dead in her Ululoloa home on Monday morning 23rd January 2023. Her death remains a mystery awaiting results of the post mortem with close friends saying it was unusual that her gate and house were left open.

The high profile case of Kolani Junior Lam who was eventually convicted of murder for the death of his wife and government Chief Executive Officer Sa’u Justina Sa’u has ended in his death.

Kolani Lam was rushed to the hospital from Tanumalala prison and died at Leulumoega District Hospital, suspected to have self-inflicted by drinking paraquat (vailaau oona).

Lam’s appeal was denied in Court last November where he sought to challenge the pathologist report that led to his conviction. Lam has always maintained his innocence with his legal Counsel arguing that evidence against his client were circumstantial.

However the Court had allowed a request from the AGs Office to submit propensity evidence that helped to establish an intense cycle of domestic and gender based violence.

According to Deputy Police Commissioner Papalii Monalisa Tiai-Keti, the other post mortems to be carried out this week include three more cases still under Police investigation.

While the Fijian pathologist is in Apia, he will also be asked to assess and examine the still open file of a hit and run from April 2021, that claimed the life of NUS Tourism and Hospitality student, Tuuau Maletino Faasavalu, who died tragically in a hit and run.

No arrests have been made in relation to the hit and run despite Police efforts and help from overseas forensic specialists.