Police Warn Drivers after Death of 3-Year-Old Hit by a Car Inside Gym1 Tuanaimato Compound


Translated from FaaSamoa. Police have called for drivers to adhere to set speed limits after the death of a three-year-old who was hit by a car inside the gated compound area of Gym1.

Deputy Police Commissioner Papalii Monalisa Tiai-Keti said the incident happened last week, and a man has been charged with dangerous driving causing death.

Papalii said the avoidable tragedy happened on the roads inside the compound area of Gym 1. The child’s family had been attending a volleyball tournament held at the gym.

“The driver could not stop but instead went immediately to the Faleata Police station to report the incident,” said Papalii.

The Deputy Police Commissioner has once again called on parents and the public to be more vigilant in looking after our children.

“We also want to reinforce to drivers, to be more aware of signs and speed limits that are in place for the safety of the public, especially our children,” said Papalii.

“Our prayers and sincere condolences go out to the families for their loss,” added the Deputy Police Commissioner.