Police Seize Truck-Load of Suspected Stolen Goods in Vaigaga Drug Raid

Goods siezed by police during drug raid of Vaigaga home. 2 Feb 2022.

3 February 2022 Apia Samoa. A dyna truck-load of items suspected to be stolen goods were seized by police during a drug raid of a home in Vaigaga where three men and a woman were arrested.

In addition to cash, methamphetamine, marijuana, utensils, weighing apparatus, and ammunition typically confiscated during Samoa Police raids, other items that were seen loaded onto the back of a police dyna included television sets, amplifiers, music mixers, stereos and speakers, DVD players, and various other household items including plastic chairs.

There was also a generator, an electric saw, heavy duty electrical tools and several tool sets used by carpenters. Amongst these items was a container full of aux wires and electrical connectors.

Acting Police Commissioner Leiataua Tupai Samuelu said police raided the Vaigaga home at 5am on Wednesday morning as part of a lead in a drug operation.

Other items seized during Vaigaga raid. 2/02/2022

Leiataua said police will now try to match the items confiscated against public complaints of burglary and theft.

“We can now look into open files of burglary and theft, and cross reference these items to determine if there are matches,” said the Acting Police Commissioner.

Three of the four men arrested have previous convictions while the woman aged between 18 to 25 according to police, is a first offender.

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“The three men are all aged between 30 and 35,” said Leiataua, “and two of these men have served prison time for previous convictions”.

All four are remanded in custody until their first appearances in Court.